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Bismarck ND Decoding the DWI Laws

DWI law corresponds to state legislation and local regulations that make it unlawful to drive a vehicle after ingesting a certain amount of alcohol.

DUI is a lesser offense if you reside in a state that defines them separately. For a driver accused of drinking and driving, a DUI charge indicates a lower level of impairment than a DWI charge. The driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) at the moment of arrest determines his or her level of impairment. The state may accept a plea bargain in some situations, downgrading a much more serious allegation of DWI to a lesser charge of DUI.

Contacting a DWI Lawyers Bismarck ND to oversee your case is your best hope to avoid going to jail and your life savings on astronomically high fines. You should seek legal counsel in your region, preferably one who specializes in lawsuits in your county or the state where you were charged. A DUI is a severe violation that, if not handled appropriately, may impact your life for years. Make sure to go over all of the information with your DWI Law Firm Bismarck ND and to be open and honest about your error so that he or she can best represent you.

Prosecution under DUI/DWI

Drunk driving is punished in three ways in most states. For starters, a conviction might be predicated on the level of liquor in the accused’s blood as determined right after the arrest. The current legal limit is.08 percent in all states, with lower restrictions for commercial drivers and children. A “per se” DUI is the name for this sort of charge. It just needs the state to show that a blood alcohol concentration test was performed and that the result was higher than the legal limit.

Once the defendant’s blood alcohol concentration is unavailable or does not surpass the legal limit, the second form of DUI prosecution occurs. In such circumstances, the state must show that the motorist ingested enough alcohol to make him or her dangerous behind the wheel. This is a more challenging task for the government to do. The state will use officer testimony, witness testimonies, field sobriety test data, and audio/video recordings to try to establish its case at trial.

The state must establish that the defendant had “actual bodily control” of the car under a third, less typical type of prosecution. Blood alcohol levels or other evidence can be used to show this, but unlike in previous prosecutions, the defendant does not have to have driven.

Why do you need DWI Law Firm Bismarck ND for your DWI Lawsuit?

Getting a DWI is terrifying on several levels. It’s a little scary since it has great long-term consequences. Having a felony or misdemeanor on your record might make it difficult to acquire the job and housing you desire. If your carrier drops you, a DUI may be costly in terms of court bills and auto insurance. Are you prepared to buy groceries by bike or public transportation if you lose your driver’s license for a year? Is there anyone willing to offer you a ride to work? To say the least, it’s inconvenient.

It’s called “the legal system,” but a better description would be “a convoluted maze meant to make you cry from bewilderment. You’re more likely to feel perplexed and overwhelmed if this is your first arrest. Work with a DWI Law Firm Bismarck ND instead of representing yourself in court.

A skilled DWI Lawyers Bismarck ND is well-versed in DUI law. We know how to handle every stage of the process, from your arraignment to interpreting the police report and assessing and fighting any blood, urine, or breath test findings at Ward K Johnson. We know how you should plead and if we should oppose the officers’ process (or lack thereof). Many DUI cases have resulted in positive outcomes. We also keep up with the newest legal developments and new cases that may have an impact on the result of your case.