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Bismarck ND Immigrating to the US? Here’s What you Need to Know?
Immigration Lawyers Bismarck ND

Immigration laws in the USA deal with the lives of people that come to America, unsettling their lives in their home countries in search of a better dream in America. Immigration law is built on reunifying families, granting, or revoking visas ergo, protecting refugees or admitting immigrants into America who can add value to the economy and the richness of diversity. Having good immigration lawyers Bismarck ND is extremely important as it involves such sensitive topics. immigration law firm Bismarck ND can ensure that you are not estranged from your family and are not sent back to the place that you and your family are trying to escape. 

There are two main ways in which visas are granted for people who are not Americans can enter America. 

1. Non-immigrant Visa: For people from foreign countries, the process of visiting America involves obtaining a visa. This can be granted for tourism, education, or work. 

2.Immigration Visa: is granted for people from foreign countries who want to stay in the country and become employed here. U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handles all the applications for legal immigration. 

Not everyone from any country who applies for a Visa gets one. There is usually a country-specific quota that is imposed by the Department of Homeland Security. This depends on the economic stability of the country and the political and diplomatic ties the US government has with the country. While people from tier 1 countries with relatively stable political and economic systems can visit the US for up to ninety days without having to obtain a visa for it. This is known as the “visa waiver program”. This program however is only available to people that want to visit as tourists and does not permit them to work or study under this visa. Currently, 37 different countries enjoy this privilege. 

People that violate the visa laws and try to circumvent their situation by breaking the law will have to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that will investigate and prosecute the case. Most of the immigration controversies that happen at borders are dealt with by the Customers and Border Protection, which aim to keep them secure. 

Immigration laws are therefore a set of federal rules that have been established to govern people entering the country and how long they can stay. An extension to this is granting citizenship via the process of naturalization. The basis for granting this includes a wide variety of criteria established by the immigration authorities. An experienced immigration law firm Bismarck ND can help set up a life wherein citizenship by naturalization can be attained. Immigration laws also deal with the deportation of those who illegally stay on in the country. They either enter without permission or have overstayed their visit. Deportation can also happen if you lose your legal status. People falling into these categories are first detained and after thorough investigation are deported back to their country of origin. To avoid this and more, contact immigration lawyers Bismarck ND. 

Immigration laws cannot be decentralized and hence is in full control of federal agencies. States are not allowed to enact their immigration laws. The U.S Constitution especially allows only Congress to legislate on issues and areas relating to immigration. Title 8 of the United States Code contained the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) which governs most of the relevant laws relating to immigration in the entire country. Thus, the code is extremely complex and very hard to navigate by yourself. Hiring a lawyer who knows their way around the law and authorities helps ease the process and reduce some tension that comes with the unfamiliarity of the process. 

An experienced attorney can help quality those struggling with the immigration laws to obtain permanent residency and even citizenship in the future. The law is quite flexible in allowing people that want to work or invest in the United States of America. As family-based immigration is the most common, the judicial system is also extremely well equipped to handle your case, and highly-skilled immigration lawyers Bismarck ND can help make your case strongly to the judge that deems your immigration status. At Ward K Johnson, licensed and practicing immigration attorneys can help represent your needs at State and Federal courts. Contact us now!