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Ward K Johnson Law

Bismarck ND Hire the Best Kidnapping Lawyers in Bismarck ND

Kidnapping is a terrible offense. Even a non-violent, quick kidnapping can result in criminal charges and up to eight years in state jail. Naturally, you don’t want to entrust your case to just any lawyer, especially when the stakes are so high. Instead, you need a firm like Chambers Law Firm, which is tough and knowledgeable in abduction defense. We are well-versed in the subtleties of abduction legislation and case law, and we will fight tirelessly to get the best possible outcome in your case.

Types of Kidnapping

Simple Kidnapping: You can be prosecuted with simple kidnapping if you use force or terror to take another person a significant distance without their agreement.

Aggravated Kidnapping: If you demand a ransom or inflict substantial bodily injury or death on the victim during the kidnapping, you may be charged with aggravated kidnapping, a more serious criminal violation. Kidnappings including extortion, robbery, carjacking, or certain sex offenses may be charged as aggravated kidnappings. This form of kidnapping has the potential to result in a life sentence.

False imprisonment is defined as restricting, detaining, or confining another individual without their permission. It may be useful to reduce a kidnapping accusation to false imprisonment since the sanctions are less severe.

Child Abduction: Child abduction is a sort of abduction that does not always include moving the victim a long distance. The offense merely is withholding the kid from someone who has custody rights.

Ward K Johnson as your Kidnapping Lawyers Bismarck ND

We represent people accused of abduction for a variety of reasons, including burglary or rape, kidnapping during a carjacking, hostage-taking, and more. Kidnapping and kidnapping for ransom are two separate crimes. The real accusation of abduction may not be applicable in circumstances of parental kidnapping where custody of children is in question. The circumstances of a case can make a big impact in terms of sentencing and how the case is handled.

Prosecutors have a history of “overcharging” or filing accusations on the most serious type of kidnapping or custodial interference feasible in circumstances like the ones described above. To adequately fight against such charges, a professional defense attorney is required. When you meet with Kidnapping Lawyers Bismarck ND, he will examine the precise allegations leveled against you and advise you on how to effectively defend yourself. Ward K Johnson Kidnapping Law Firm Bismarck ND attorneys have the expertise and experience to defend victims creatively and comprehensively. These severe charges necessitate the services of an aggressive and devoted defense counsel. Ward K Johnson’s objective for their clients is to avoid convictions at all costs.

Each case requires an in-depth understanding of the facts and history by an experienced defense attorney. Kidnapping Law Firm Bismarck ND, keep up to speed on the newest advancements in criminal defense practice. We strive to safeguard our clients and are accessible to assist them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Defense Strategies used by Kidnapping Lawyers Bismarck ND

At Chambers Law Firm, we will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and craft the most powerful defense argument imaginable. We can begin by evaluating the evidence that places you at the crime scene—if any of the scientific or eyewitness testimony can be contested, we can establish that you have been unfairly implicated.

If it’s evident that you had a physical confrontation with the complainant, we can look into defense arguments to try to disprove the specific parts of the abduction offense. Even if the prosecution’s evidence is overwhelming, we can assist in reaching a fair and acceptable plea agreement. We have a lot of expertise in plea bargaining and will do everything we can to secure you a lesser charge and/or lower consequences.

One of the leading kidnapping law firms Bismarck Nd is Ward K Johnson Law Firm. Consult our experienced robbery lawyers if you are facing kidnapping charges!