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Bismarck ND Legal Aspects of Minor in Possession

A criminal charge of Minor in Possession might involve the possession of alcohol, narcotics, or a firearm. We handle all three sorts of offenses, however, the material below will focus on allegations involving alcohol possession. Although a criminal accusation of Minor in Possession (MIP) or Minor in Consumption (MIC) is prevalent, it is not to be taken lightly. A conviction for an alcohol violation while a person is young might have a long-term detrimental influence on their future. Not only will having a felony conviction affect your ability to apply for colleges, student loans, the military, and employment but any subsequent charges, particularly those involving alcohol or drugs, will be evaluated more thoroughly.

If your child has been charged with minor in possession (MIP), the first thing you should do is contact a criminal defense counsel. A defense Minor in Possession Lawyers Bismarck ND will assist you in obtaining the best possible legal outcome for your kid so that one mistake does not define their whole life.

Minor in possession Law Firm Bismarck ND is here to safeguard your rights and provide you with the legal advice you require.

Minor in Possession Overview

A minor in possession (MIP) is defined as having alcohol in their custody, attempting to acquire alcohol, or drinking alcohol when under the legal drinking age. If your child is charged with underage drinking, contact a criminal defense counsel right now.

Your child may be eligible for a MIP diversion program if they are a first-time offender. This implies that if your child fulfills a probationary period, the court will opt not to issue a conviction. During this time, your child will have to go to therapy, attend AA meetings, and stay out of problems with the law.

Teenagers are prone to living in the now, making it difficult for them to comprehend how a MIP conviction may affect their ability to apply for universities, jobs, and residences in the future. Our criminal defense lawyer can assist your kid to comprehend the ramifications of their behavior and what they should do next.

Consequences of MIP

When it comes to alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana, many youngsters are uninformed of the consequences of their behavior in many aspects of their lives. Some of the penalties are harsher than others, but being aware of the ramifications of a MIP violation can help minors avoid potentially criminal circumstances.

If drugs or alcohol were discovered on school grounds, the student may face administrative sanctions from the school. High schools and universities will have their drug and alcohol policies, and violating them might result in suspension, probation, or even expulsion from the institution.

After earning a MIP or an open container charge on their record, minors may have difficulty finding or keeping work. These youngsters may have to explain their offense on a job application or at a job interview if they are searching for temporary or part-time work, and it may even affect whether or not they obtain the job.

Choosing Ward K Johnson Minor in Possession Lawyers Bismarck ND

There are various strategies to lessen the consequences of a MIP case with the aid of a professional Minor in Possession Law Firm Bismarck ND defense attorney. We will provide every potential defense in your case as your Minor in Possession Lawyers Bismarck ND, and we can negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced or dropped. We can also address any associated charges, such as holding a fraudulent ID or driving while intoxicated.

Our staff has defended several young people accused of MIP, and we know how to provide facts and use the law in your favor. Because the rules governing minor in possession cases are complex, you’ll want a Minor in Possession Law Firm Bismarck ND on your side who has expertise in managing cases like this.

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