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Fargo ND What Burglary Lawyers Fargo ND can do for You?

You must get in touch with Burglary Lawyers Fargo ND from Ward K Johnson Law Firm in the unfortunate event, of being charged with burglary in Fargo, North Dakota. Our attorneys have experience in dealing with such cases for over three decades. Our methods are not only ethical but also practical and will give the best results, just like we have been doing so over the years. It is complicated to navigate the legal system in the United States of America, and a Burglary Law Firm Fargo ND, like ours, will make the process much smoother for you and your close ones. 

Defining “Burglary”

It is essential to understand the legal definition of burglary. Burglary can be defined as when a person commits burglary when he willfully enters or secretly stays in a building, or occupied structure, or a separately secured, or occupied portion of the same when the premises are not open to the public. The offender is not permitted, invited, or otherwise privileged to enter or remain there and has an intent to commit a crime.

Elements of a Burglary

Based on the definition, there are some aspects in order to classify a crime as a “burglary.” Burglary Lawyers Fargo ND lists these elements as follows:

  • Need to enter a building or structure or premises- The offender must break into a structure that is not just limited to a house but could be any structure that could include institutions, organizations, campsites, etc.
  • Unsolicited Entry- The offender must illegally enter the public or private structure as they are not permitted in the space.
  • Forced Entry- The offender uses some force like picking a lock in order to enter the building. However, some states have merged this element with the previous one.  
  • Intention to commit crime: The offender must break in to commit a crime like theft and not assault. Only then would a crime be considered a burglary.

In order to create reasonable doubt for the judge and jury, a lawyer must provide evidence for those as mentioned above. Burglary Law Firm Fargo ND can help you gather evidence to build a strong case and further reduce any penalties. 

Penalties and Sentencing

Burglary is considered a severe crime in the state of North Dakota. It is classified as a class B or class C felony. Burglary is considered a Class B felony if, the crime is committed at night and is knowingly committed in another’s home; or the actor inflicts or attempts to inflict bodily injury or physical restraint on another, or threatens another with imminent serious bodily injury, or is armed with a firearm, destructive device, or other weapons, the possession of which under the circumstances in which the crime is committed is prohibited. If these conditions are not met, burglary is a class C felony. Thus, the maximum penalty ranges from serving five to ten years of jail time.

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Burglary Layers Fargo ND at Ward K Johnson Law Firm has worked solely towards excellence during the last thirty years. Our only aim is to protect the rights of clients. We foster an open environment for our clients to discuss their cases and provide legal guidance from start to end. We develop the best plan and strategies to defend our client in case of a burglary, keeping in mind the elements discussed above and the penalties given by the state of North Dakota. We shall vigorously defend you throughout the case and work towards safeguarding your future. Being the leading Burglar Law Firm Fargo ND we are dependable, experienced, and practical. Our track record of not guilty verdicts reduced charges, and acquittals are proof of our successful track record. We believe in giving our best to defend you in every way possible in a stressful time like this. Get in touch with the best attorneys from Ward K Johnson Law Firm today!