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Fargo ND Must Know Facts About Kidnapping

If you are facing charges for kidnapping in Fargo ND, you must get in touch with Ward K Johnson Law Firm. Our Kidnapping Lawyers Fargo ND has a high success rate and proven track record as we have been faced with different degrees of cases over the last 30 years. With our on-time resolutions and reasonable pricing model, you do not have to worry about your expenditure in an already stressful time. Being accused of kidnapping is a severe crime in North Dakota. According to US Law, Kidnapping may be defined as unlawful seizing, confining, inveigling, decoying, and abducting any person for reward or ransom. Contact the leading Kidnapping Law Firm Fargo ND, as we vigorously defend you at every stage of the case!

Kidnapping Laws in North Dakota

Kidnapping is when someone is taken against their will to an unknown location. This could be done for ransom, as part of another crime, or as part of a child custody issue. A person is guilty of kidnapping under North Dakota law if they abduct another person or they continue to restrain the victim with the intent to do the following:

  1. Hold the victim for reward or ransom;
  2. In case he holds the victim as a hostage.
  3. Involuntarily holding the victim in a condition of servitude;
  4. Terrorize the victim or a third person;
  5. Attempt to commit a felony or commit a felony;
  6. Interfere with the working of any governmental or political activity.

According to the laws of North Dakota, “Abduct” can be defined as restraining a person and having an intention to prevent their liberation by either secretly holding them in an unsolicited place where they will not be found; or threatening to endanger or endangering the safety of any human being. In addition to this, “Restrain” can be defined as restricting the movement of an individual or interfering with their liberty by removing them from their residence or place of business. Restraining someone, in this case, is non-consensual or without consent and can be done through force, intimidation, or deception. Thus, having multiple clauses may be confusing. Our Kidnapping Lawyers Fargo ND shall assist you from start to end in a complex case of a kidnapping crime.


Kidnapping is a severe crime in North Dakota. Kidnapping is considered a class A felony unless the actor releases the victim alive and in a secure location before the trial, in which case it is a class B felony. In case of a Class A felony, the offender needs to serve a maximum of twenty years of jail time, a fine of $10,000, or both. In the kidnapping case of a class B felony, the offender is imprisoned for a maximum of 10 years and a fine of $10,000 or both. An offender has committed a class C felony if they knowingly abduct another, restrains the individual, and expose them to risk of bodily injury or restrains another with the intention to hold them in involuntary servitude. Our Kidnapping Law Firm Fargo ND will leave no stone unturned to serve you to remove or reduce charges. 

Legal Representation

In the severe case of kidnapping, you need a Kidnapping Lawyer Fargo ND immediately to defend your case. Our attorneys at Ward K Johnson Law Firm have experience and expertise in these cases. We have tirelessly defended our clients. Client-Attorney relationships are vital to us, and we support you throughout the process. We investigate the case, gather evidence, and negotiate with the prosecutor to make sure you have a strong case that can give the best outcome. Our Kidnapping Law Firm Fargo ND is the leading law firm in Fargo, North Dakota, and you will be rest assured of a good result. Our dependable, trustworthy, and intelligent lawyers have you covered if you are found in an unfortunate case of kidnapping. Get in touch with Ward K Johnson Law Firm today for being legally represented by the best!