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Fargo ND How Wage Theft Lawyers Are Helping The Defrauded Workers?
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If your employer refuses to pay what an employee has rightfully earned, the employee can sue them for the unpaid wages. According to the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the United States Department of Labour, these rules also extend to the workers who have quit their jobs, been fired, or have not been remunerated for the last employment days. If you have worked before discontinuing, you have the right to approach Law firm Fargo ND to get the salary that you deserve. 

Ways in which wage theft lawyers help the defrauded workers

The Fair Labour Standards Act or FLSA states that employees should receive a minimum wage per hour of their working time as per the overtime regulations and current minimum wage law. FLSA has laid down strict rules and regulations that have to be followed by all organizations. If an employer refuses the above facilities, the employees have the full right to pursue an unpaid wage claim. The employers have to pay one and half times the worker’s regular hourly wage for all the overtime, according to a policy of FLSA. The employee will get compensation through a wage and hour claim in case of failure of payment of overtime wages. If you are in such a situation, then you can claim wages in the following ways.

The enforcement arm of the Wage and Hour Division  

It is the first way of pursuing wage and hour claims presented under the Fair Labour Standards Act. It is a claim on behalf of all employees in the US.

  • Private complaint 

Another way of getting your problem issued is by filing a private complaint. Register your complaint via an Employment Attorney with complex litigation and trial law experience. You can seek all your unpaid wages valuation like unpaid overtime, penalties, interest, and other damages. 

Some common legal issues at the workplace

Non-payment of salary is one of the primary issues addressed and talked about by the FLSA. But apart from this, you can seek help from Law firm Fargo ND for other issues that one may face at the workplace. Some of the common legal problems at the workplace are as follows.

  • Workplace sexual harassment 

No employee can get discriminated against based on sex, race, color, national origin, or religion. Many people think that rules are for tackling cases of workplace sexual harassment against women only. However, all genders can seek protection from harassment at the workplace. 

  • Violence at the workplace

A peaceful working environment is the right of every worker. In any violent situation, you must seek legal help to get justice. Violence may be in any form, physical or verbal, and you deserve to get justice. 

  • Unlawful termination

An employee has the full right to seek legal help in case of unlawful termination. Rules are also for the scenarios where the person has got demoted to a position beneath their dignity. 

  • Disability discrimination 

All specially-abled people have the right to equal opportunities at the workplace. If anyone is discriminated against for their disability, strict action has to be taken against the employer. 

  • Pregnancy discrimination 

A pregnant woman has full right to a comfortable working space. No one can force a pregnant female to quit her job. If you are in such a situation where the employer is forcing you to quit a significant project or being looked down upon by your colleagues, you can seek legal help. 

  • Lunch and rest break claims

Employees deserve a proper meal and rest break as a right at the workplace. The employee cannot force complete assignments, attend clients, meetings, or do any task during your break time. You have the right to deny working during your rest break. 

Many corporations hike their profits by forcing employees to work more than their duty hours. Organizations do not even pay overtime to the workers for this extra time. Law firm Fargo ND can help you in various practices of wage theft. Several reports show that corporations have paid billions of dollars to settle wage theft cases brought by workers. So, do not hesitate to raise your voice against the wrong.