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Fargo ND Alleged of Murder? Consult Murder Lawyers!

Being charged in a criminal case like murder can be highly stressful. To know your rights and negotiate your penalties in such a time requires you to get in touch with a Murder Law Firm Fargo ND immediately. There are different kinds of penalties that you may face based on the degree of homicide. Thus, a reasonable attorney will reduce your penalties as much as possible. Ward K Johnson Law Firm is well known for its defenses in criminal cases. Our Murder Lawyers Fargo ND will be guiding you throughout the case and court proceedings and shall defend you for the best outcome in your favor, in this time of need.

The Degrees of Murder

As every state has its jurisdiction and penalties, it is first essential to understand the different degrees of murder that an individual can be charged with within Fargo, North Dakota. Thus, here homicide can be classified into the following:

  1. Murder- These are AA felonies and hold the most severe homicide charges. Criminal intent or intent to physically harm differentiates murder and other homicide crimes. This offense can get the accused a life imprisonment sentence.
  2. Manslaughter- This is a class B felony because of the offender’s carelessness. This is an accidental killing, for instance, being unable to control one’s care and killing an individual on the road.
  3. Negligent Homicide- An offender’s negligence causing the death of a victim is defined as negligent homicide. This is a class C felony, and penalties for such an offense are lesser than murder and manslaughter. 

The charges for these differ based on the severity of the offense. For this reason, getting in touch with Murder Lawyers Fargo ND can help you reduce the penalty if accused. Sentences in North Dakota are classified between felonies and misdemeanors, which are further divided into classes. Class AA felonies are the most severe penalties that require one to serve life imprisonment without parole; on the other hand, class B misdemeanors have minor penalties with a maximum of 30 days imprisonment and/or a $1500 fine. There are also infractions, which are less severe than misdemeanors and felonies. Therefore, in this case, offenders do not face imprisonment but are just penalized with a fine of up to $1000. An attorney with a Murder Law Firm Fargo ND, like Ward K Johnson Law Firm, shall help you protect your interests and rights and ensure that you are treated justly.

How can our lawyers at Ward K Johnson Law Firm assist you?

Our lawyers at Ward K Johnson Law Firm are highly qualified and have proven results in Fargo, North Dakota. The lawyer-client relationship is of immense importance to us, especially in a stressful situation like this one. Our duty as a Murder Law Firm Fargo ND is to ensure that our clients are informed about their rights at every step and that all critical information is disclosed to them. This shall relieve a lot of stress from you and your family and close ones. The criminal charges posed by the court can be rather complex to understand, and our Murder Lawyers Fargo ND will break these down into more straightforward and understandable terminology. 

Our lawyers have experience in a variety of cases, and we ensure that cases are resolved in time. Navigating through the different degrees of murders can be rather challenging without our lawyers. We will be on the case from start to end and gather information from witnesses, essential stakeholders, and other sources to defend your case for the best outcome. Our lawyers will tirelessly work with you on it, and in the unfortunate case of being found guilty, we shall also negotiate a plea argument with the prosecutor. 

Thus, in the unfortunate event of being alleged with murder charges, it is imperative to take assistance from a good attorney. Our lawyers shall leave no stone unturned to protect your dignity, integrity, and liberty.