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Fargo ND What Petty Theft Lawyers Fargo ND can do for You?

Have you recently been charged with Petty Theft in Fargo, North Dakota? Have you been falsely accused? Are you looking for a Petty Theft Lawyer Fargo ND to defend your rights? Contact Ward K Johnson Law Firm immediately for effective consultation and optimal results in your favor. You may think that, as the name suggests, “petty thefts” may not be a big deal; however, North Dakota considers it a felony or misdemeanor based on the severity of the crime. Thus, you must contact a Petty Theft Law Firm Fargo ND, to restore your clean record and safeguard your future. 

Grand Theft vs. Petty Theft

Theft is the non-consensual taking away someone’s property with the intent of depriving them of its ownership. On the other hand, petty theft is similar to theft but is committed when the value of the stolen items is less than a specified amount, as mentioned by the state. A typical example of petty theft would be shoplifting. 

Some other examples to understand petty theft are:

  • Not paying after dining in a restaurant
  • Sneaking into amusement parks or theatres and using their services
  • Removing price tags from clothes or stealing from a shop
  • Switching price tags in order to pay less
  • Stealing a certain amount of cash from a person

Thus, a crime is considered a grand theft when it is more than a particular value set by the state or is a certain kind of item. It is a felony and includes more than one year of jail time, depending on the degree of the theft. On the other hand, petty theft requires first-time offenders to serve less than one year of jail time or give a fine. Therefore, to reduce your charges, be acquitted, or avoid jail time, get in touch with a Petty Theft Law Firm Fargo ND.

Consequences of Petty Theft

If caught indulging in petty theft, the consequences are milder than grand theft. Penalties include jail time (six months to a year), monetary fines, or probation. Sometimes it may also have a rehabilitative option where the offender is required to attend support groups or get counseling. Based on if the court views the severity of the theft as a felony or misdemeanor, penalties may differ.

Penalties for Theft

The different types of theft have the following penalties based on the type and frequency of offense:

  • First-time offenders- Petty theft is classified as a misdemeanor.
  • Repeat Offenders- Petty Theft may escalate to a felony
  • Juveniles or individuals with no criminal record- Petty Theft may be considered an infraction or the individual could just be left off with a warning.
  • Grand theft for first-time offenders- It is classified as a felony.
  • Aggravated theft and burglary- This is a felony and has more significant penalties

Therefore, ensuring that you are only charged if found guilty and further negotiating charges is important for our Petty Theft Lawyers Fargo ND. Our goal is to support you with only the best legal counsel and advice at every stage of the case. 

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Ward K Johnson Law Firm has provided 30 years of legal service in North Dakota. As the leading law firm in Fargo, it is our duty to ensure that our clients get the best services and have a seamless experience in stressful times. As your Petty Theft Lawyer Fargo ND we will ensure that:

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We are completely committed to giving you a strong defense and delivering the best results in your favor. At Ward K Johnson Law Firm, we are efficient in handling your case with the utmost professionalism to ensure that we keep your reputation, liberty, and integrity intact and, furthermore, safeguard your future.