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Fargo ND Hire the Best Robbery Lawyers at Ward K Johnson Law Firm

Being charged with robbery in Fargo, North Dakota, is a severe crime. If alleged in an act like this, you must counsel with the best Robbery Lawyers Fargo ND from Ward K Johnson Law Firm to fight and restore your rights. Robbery is considered a felony in the United States of America. It can have punishments as serious as life imprisonment, based on the nature of the robbery. A Robbery Law Firm Fargo ND can come to your assistance for defending you and dismissing these charges. 

Defining a “Robbery”

Robbery is defined as using the “force of fear” to take away personal property from another individual’s possession against their will. Thus, two elements to note here are using force or threatening the other individual and taking their property against their consent. The property’s value is arbitrary; it can be of great value or even minimal value but will be considered a robbery if the two conditions mentioned above are met. Furthermore, the offender doesn’t need to snatch it from the victim’s hands to call it a robbery. It is considered robbery if the property is taken from the victim’s possession into the offender’s control and deprives the former of using their property. In addition to the lack of consent, a crime is considered a robbery if there is a use of force or fear. A robbery can occur with or without a weapon, for instance, kicking someone and snatching a valuable item from them. 

Robbery vs. Burglary vs. Theft

These terms are often used interchangeably in everyday conversations. However, Robbery Lawyers Fargo ND can help you distinguish between these three. In comparison to robbery, an individual could be charged with burglary if they have broken into a property or secretly remained there when the premises are not open to the public. For instance, an offender breaks into an inhabited structure, like a house or office, with the intent to commit a felony.

On the other hand, an individual is accused of theft charges if they are unwilling to take control of the victim’s possession and deprive them of their property. There is no use of force or fear involved here as opposed to a robbery. Charges are based on the kind of crime that occurs, and a Robbery Law Firm Fargo ND can help you differentiate between the intricacies of these three to help remove charges or reduce them based on the circumstances. 

The Charges for Robbery

The North Dakota law considers robbery a violent felony. The penalties for the same depend on how much harm has been inflicted on the victim. The penalties for different classes of robbery felonies are as follows:

  • Class A Felony Robbery- The use of a firearm by the perpetrator or any dangerous weapon may lead to this class of felony. It can result in serving a maximum of twenty years of jail time, a fine of $20,000, or sometimes even both.
  • Class B Felony Robbery- In this case, the robber pretends to have a firearm, a dangerous weapon, or a device of destruction. In addition to this, they may inflict severe bodily injury on the victim to take their property. This felony requires the individual to serve a maximum of ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine or both.
  • Class C Felony Robbery- If a robbery does not fall under the above-mentioned clauses, it is a class C felony. This implies that the accused has to serve a maximum of five years in prison or a $10,000 fine or both.

Thus, in the unfortunate event of being charged with robbery, our Robbery Lawyers Fargo ND at Ward K Johnson Law Firm shall help you. This implies:

– Investigating every aspect of the case

– Challenging the prosecutor

– Negotiating your charges if found guilty.

– Protecting your rights.

– Developing a plan for the best possible defense to reduce your penalties

– Protecting you from police intimidation

Get in touch with Ward K Johnson Law Firm as it is the leading Robbery Law Firm in Fargo ND.