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Grand Forks Types of Defense in Assault and Battery Cases

Assault and battery charges can be punished severely in the US legal system. This is where an assault and battery law firm Grand Forks ND can help you. The specialist lawyers represent you in such cases and offer the best defense.

What are assault and battery charges?

Assault in legal terms implies causing someone intense fear of imminent harm. Assault is causing or attempting to cause an injury to someone. It is using force or violence to injure another. An individual may be accused of assault only if there is an overt act that puts the victim in fear.

The battery is committing actual physical harm to an individual. It is defined as harmful touching of another without their consent. Battery charges can be pressed even if the victim is not injured although there is harmful physical contact.

The main difference between assault and battery is that physical contact is not necessary for an assault charge while someone is charged with battery only if there is physical contact.

This is the traditional concept of assault and battery. However, modern legal terminology specifies assault and battery as a legal term that combines assault with a separate charge for the battery. Assault and battery are closely related. Hence, many states consider them a single offense.

Assault and battery charges can fall in the purview of common law or criminal law as the case may be. Some states in the US split assault and battery as two separate offenses while others consider them as one. The assault and battery lawyers Grand Forks ND are knowledgeable about the laws of the particular state in which they represent the client.

It is important to note that the intent behind the crime is a vital factor in assault and battery cases. If the victim of the crime is harmed accidentally by the accused, it is not considered an offense.

If you find yourself accused of assault and battery charges you will need the expertise of lawyers of an assault and battery law firm Grand Forks ND to defend you. This is because assault and battery cases can have many variations and can be complex.

The assault and battery lawyers Grand Forks ND at Ward K Johnson law firm offer the following defenses if you are facing assault and battery charges:

Self Defense

Self-defense is the most commonly used defense in such cases. We try to prove that the victim was trying to harm the accused in some way or the other.

The harm caused to the accused may be a threat or an unlawful force; the accused might be a victim of real perceived fear of harm; the accused may not have caused any harm or provoked the victim in any way; if the accused had no other way to escape the situation he was facing.

Self-defense in assault and battery cases can be quite difficult to prove because not all the injury caused to the victim can be justified as an act of defense. Besides, the self-defense will not be valid if the victim in the case was no match to the perpetrator of the crime.

The experienced assault and battery lawyers Grand Forks ND at Ward K Johnson Law Firm have the expertise to defend the defendants using self-defense.

Defense of Property

The defendant in an assault and battery case can be defended if he proves that his property was invaded or withheld illegally. The law allows reasonable force by the defendant in case the personal property of an individual is attacked depending on the extent of property infringement.


This is the defense used in assault and battery charges if it can be proved that the act was committed with the consent of the victim.

One of the leading assault and battery law firms Grand Forks ND is Ward K Johnson Law Firm. We have a proven track record of successfully defending several clients in assault and battery cases.