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Grand Forks The Criminal Justice System and You!
Grand Forks Criminal Lawyers

Any just society has a set of rules that govern our behavior with other people. This set of laws dictate the life and liberty that we owe to each other in the community. This set of rules are called the Criminal law system with Grand Forks criminal lawyers that help enforce it. In the USA there is a federal set of criminal laws and every state has its own system of classifying crimes and the punishments for them. Grand Forks criminal law firm help maintain the criminal justice system in the state.

Criminal law in Grand Forks North Dakota has two main classifications for criminal offenses. The seriousness of the crime determines what category they’ll be tried under. They are 

  1. Felonies 
  1. Misdemeanors

There is a third category, but it isn’t entirely criminal in nature. It is called Infractions are on a lower pedestal than misdemeanors. 

The above criminal offenses are further characterized and divided into different classes, each with its own level of punishment or fine leviable. 

These are as mentioned below:

  1. Class AA felonies- Life imprisonment without parole 
  2. Class A felonies can receive twenty years of imprisonment, a $20,000 fine, or can even receive both 
  3. Class B felonies can receive 10 years imprisonment, a $20,000 fine, or even both at times 
  4. Class C felonies can receive 5 years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine, or even both at times. 
  5. Class A misdemeanors receives 360 days imprisonment, a $3000 fine, or even both at times 
  6. Class B Misdemeanors receives 30 days imprisonment, a $ 1500 fine, or even both at times. 

While felonies and misdemeanors receive fines, punishments, or even both, infractions can only be penalized up to a $1000 fine and not imprisonment. 

If you or anyone you know is facing any criminal charges, there are always ways to reduce or navigate the punishment by appealing the decision or negotiating a deal with the prosecutor/ defense attorney. For this and more, a good Grand Forks criminal lawyers is necessary. 

According to criminal laws in North Dakota, judges are allowed to put the defendant on probation instead of imposing a sentence. Previously the judges were allowed to do this only for misdemeanors but now they can exercise this power even in felonies. A good Grand Forks criminal law firm in North Dakota must be consulted to be able to secure such a deal with the judge. A conviction and a spotless record can even be avoided with the right criminal lawyers Grand Forks ND. 

North Dakota is one of the very few states that uphold “indeterminate sentencing” as compared to “determinate sentencing” of other States. The difference lies in the fact that in indeterminate sentencing, the judge announces the range within which the defender will have to spend in prison but the parole board gets to determine the exact release date. This allows a lot of room for negotiation to get an earlier release date based on good behavior and reparation of the damages caused. This requires an experienced criminal lawyer to be able to secure a good deal. 

One must contact Grand Forks criminal lawyers as soon as possible, be it on arrest, charge, or investigation. A conviction can completely change one’s life and cause significant damages financially and emotionally on the accused as well as on those that depend on them. Time is also of the essence due to the statute of limitations on criminal offenses. If cases are not filed within the time limit that is prescribed under the legislation, the courts can dismiss them purely based on crossing the time bar. The time limit on felony cases is set at three years from the commission or discovery of the crime. For bigger crimes such as human trafficking or sexual abuse, the window is much longer. Cases of murder have no time limit and can be filed, investigated, and prosecuted at any time. Finding good Grand Forks criminal lawyers in North Dakota will also help in avoiding a permanent remark in your record that can obstruct job and housing opportunities in the future. 

To prevent such calamities and grievances in the future, getting in touch with a criminal lawyer is of the utmost importance. This is because Grand Forks criminal lawyers can help you understand your rights, weigh your options and help figure out your plan of action. 

Ward K Johnson has a team of experienced criminal lawyers Grand Forks ND who can help you if you are facing a criminal lawsuit.