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In many divorce cases, relationships become toxic, and spouses harass each other in various ways. One of the primary reasons for harassment during divorce is anger and anxiety that the marriage is ending. Your partner may put pressure on you on alimony or an unfavorable property agreement.  Harassment can be of different forms, such as verbal, financial, physical, or social media abuse. The divorce lawyers Grand Forks ND, fight for your right to file a divorce and litigate issues around it. We consider all legal remedies like submitting restraining orders and demanding the diminishment of harassment from your partner. 

What forms can harassment take place during a divorce?

Harassment is a criminal offense and falls under the penal as it can affect the victim’s physical and mental well-being. Depending on the case situation, it falls under Class B misdemeanor. If the suspect is committing harassment against your minor child or convicted before, charges will get elevated to Class A misdemeanor. The punishment will be stricter if they have violated a temporary restraining order. 

Divorce law firm Grand Forks ND can help you to face any one or more of the following from your partner during a divorce.

  • Obscene comments, requests, suggestions, and many more during a conversation with your partner 
  • Communicating false information such as serious injury or death of a family member or acquaintance.
  • Someone else is harassing you on their behalf.
  • Threaten to physically harm your family members.
  • Publish your chats or phone recordings on social media platforms that lead to abuse, emotional distress, or torment.
  • Threatening to cause harm to your property.
  • Sending repeated information that harasses, alarm, annoy, embarrass, or offend you.
  • Actions that lower your self-esteem.
  • Yelling or embarrassing you
  • Making false accusations
  • Delaying the divorce proceedings, property settlement, or child custody 

The divorce lawyers Grand Forks ND, can also save you if your spouse is making anonymous phone calls to you or any of your family members. You can comfortably talk to our lawyers if your spouse’s activities have offended, annoyed, or alarmed you, as these fall under harassment. Physical abuse like slapping, punching, kicking, and choking are easier to prove in court. It is difficult to claim that your partner is harassing you mentally. But you should not remain quiet at any cost and seek legal help.

Courts often issue temporary restraining orders on divorce proceedings. It occurs when the partners are very angry with one another and cannot talk effectively. To ensure that no mishap occurs, you must only communicate in the presence of your lawyers. Any top Divorce law firm Grand Forks ND, can help you settle the situation early and in the healthiest way possible. 

What is the impact of harassment on the divorce case?

Divorce is an extreme situation to be in, both practically and emotionally. You may feel incredibly angry with your partner and do unacceptable actions due to a high temper. But this is not an excuse to harass your partner and prove negative, violating the human rights of the other person. If your partner is harassing you during the divorce, divorce lawyers will make sure of the

  • Property division settlement
  • Child custody 
  • Spousal support decisions 

A conviction for harassment will leave a criminal record in the name of the person. Getting employment, a house for rent, and being in a social circle becomes difficult. The Divorce law firm Grand Forks ND should receive protection orders for you, your child, and other family members. 

You and your child have the right to live freely and feel safe while the divorce is pending. Based on your testimony or physical evidence, such as a medical report can be the grounds for seeking a temporary restraining order. Divorce law firm Grand Forks ND will request an appropriate punishment for your spouse if they harass you. If your spouse continues the activities despite a restraining order, they can get imprisoned or arrested. You can ask for complete custody of your child on these grounds.

Final Takeaway – Going through a divorce is a tough time. Experiencing harassment by your former partner adds to the troubles. If any actions of your spouse are unacceptable, reach out to divorce lawyers Grand Forks ND. Keep a record and provide the details to your lawyer so they can use this in your favor in court. Consult with the best divorce law firm Grand Forks ND if you need legal assistance in a divorce case.