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Grand Forks Can I Beat a DWI Charge?

In short- yes!

But, to do so you will need a good team of DWI Lawyers Grand Forks ND behind you. Our leading law firm, Ward K Johnson, has skilled lawyers who know what to do to beat your DWI charge.

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated/ Driving While Impaired) is a legal charge filed against someone who is found driving after they have consumed a certain level of intoxicating substances, such as alcohol, drugs, etc. 

A lot of people believe that there’s not a lot they can do if charged with a DUI. However, it is possible to fight these cases! Here are some things to keep in mind as we guide you through the process of defending, and ultimately winning, your DWI charge.

Time is of the Essence

The stopwatch starts at the moment of your arrest. The pressure is on the police to take you through the system. They must correctly navigate through official and legal processes to have you released or brought before a judge. Once they have advised you of your charges or arraigned you, and you have not confessed to guilt, the authorities have a certain time period in which you must be taken to trial. If the police and prosecution do not follow the legal clock, our DWI Law Firm Grand Forks ND can have your charges dismissed.

Keep an Eye on the Evidence

Sometimes the authorities can make mistakes when collecting evidence. If evidence is collected from you in a manner that is incorrect and/or violates your rights, your case can be dismissed. For example, if you have been stopped by the cops without any evidence that you were driving rashly or while intoxicated, a judge may find that officer’s behavior to be inappropriate. When the evidence was improperly obtained, as defense DWI Lawyers Grand Forks ND we can file motions to have the evidence suppressed or rendered inadmissibly. It will be almost impossible for the prosecution to prove that you are guilty without the evidence to do so, and your case could be dismissed.

Testing Times

The best time to test the prosecution’s case is in court. Our DWI Law Firm Grand Forks ND has a home-court advantage, in that we are at “home” while in court. The police, however, can be cross-examined. As they are under a microscope they will feel the pressure of questioning, and as they are questioned more and more about the decisions made that led to the arrest alongside the due process specified by law, they can lose credibility. This helps in beating a DWI charge. 

The tests administered during the arrest can also be questioned in court. Tests are not always accurate and reliable. In a court of law, several professionals are required to testify to establish the reliability of the tests use. This is a great place for our DWI Lawyers Grand Forks ND to have the charge questioned. We can question whether all the necessary information was indeed given during the testing and if the results are reliable or not. Many cases can be won by proving that the equipment used for testing was not being maintained properly. If this is the case, and the testing is brought into question, the charges against you could be dismissed.

There is no one way to beat a case. DWI charges have several aspects, each of which must be solidly established by the prosecution to convict you. Going through the process of fighting a case, however, can be taxing. There are many hearings and proceedings to go through. It is important to not lose hope. 

We at Ward K Johnson are a DWI Law Firm Grand Forks ND that is dedicated to helping you beat your charges because we understand the importance of your freedom and license. We will help you navigate the process, and together we can beat your DWI charge.

This article is intended for information purposes and is not a substitute for legal advice.