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Grand Forks When does Robbery Become a Federal Crime?

Probably we all know that taking others’ property forcefully or without the owner’s consent gets acknowledged as an act of robbery. Although it is undoubtedly a heinous crime, robbery can get charged as either state-level or federal crime, depending on the situation. According to the Robbery Lawyers Grand Forks ND, some elements of the crime can make it more heinous and a federal crime as well. 

Therefore, if a burglary offense gets considered a federal crime, the convict will have to undergo criminal penalties, life imprisonment, massive fines, and so on. But when does robbery become a federal offense? Well, it depends on several factors and circumstances. So, if you want to know about this matter in detail, check out the following sections.

What is robbery, and what are the elements of this crime? 

Many people confuse theft and robbery, but these two are different offenses. In terms of violence, robbery is more violent than stealing as criminals apply force in the case of this offense. So, the Robbery Lawyers Grand Forks ND, consider a crime as robbery if the offense involves forceful snatching or any threat of applying force. 

Let us share an example for more clarification. For instance, an individual enters a jewelry shop and threatens the owner to beat him physically and rob the store. This offense will get viewed as robbery even though the offender did not attack the salesperson physically. 

So, a crime must feature some specific characteristics to get considered robbery. According to the Robbery Law Firm Grand Forks ND, a robbery generally comprises the following features.

  • The offender takes the belongings of another person.
  • The convicted robs someone’s property without taking the consent of the owner or against the will of the proprietor.
  • Sometimes the robber cannot steal the item, but he has an intention to do so. Even in that scenario, the person can get convicted of the robbery.
  • If the stealing anyhow involves violence or threats of violence, the law will consider it a robbery. 

When can the Government charge robbery as a federal offense? 

Although every state in the United States has its own set of rules and regulations, federal law applies to each person in the country. So, if a crime gets considered a federal one, it must have crossed the state line, gotten committed on federal belongings, or been against the federal officers. 

So, according to the Robbery Lawyers Grand Forks ND, federal offenses are more serious and can involve any of the following situations.

  • Bank robbery

If an individual steals assets or money from a financial institution, the offender can get charged with a federal offense. But, the conviction depends on the amount of money robbed. The financial organization can be a bank or credit union. 

  • Robbery done against a federal officer

If an offender robs a federal officer or an agent, the crime can get viewed as a federal offense. For instance, forceful robbery against a United States Postal officer can get considered a federal crime.

  • Robbing career services

As per the Robbery Law Firm Grand Forks ND, if an individual breaks into conveyances shipping foreign or interstate items, the person can get convicted as a federal lawbreaker.

  • Stealing controlled substances

Suppose a person loots controlled substances or illicit drugs from a Drug Enforcement Administration officer. In that case, it can get viewed as a federal crime, and the court can sentence the offender to 20 years in prison.

  • Robbing national property

If someone steals or attempts to rob items belonging to the US, the offense can be viewed as a federal crime.

Final Takeaway

We hope that our article has helped you understand when robbery becomes a federal offense. So, if you get accused of robbery anytime and want to contact an experienced Robbery Law Firm Grand Forks ND, you can reach Ward K Johnson Law Firm. They will escalate the chances of a positive outcome.