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Minot ND What is the Criminal Justice System? Here are Important Facts you Need to Know!

Criminal lawyers in Minot North Dakota assist those that have been caught up in the criminal legal process. Criminal law punishes crimes that are acts of misdoings against other members of society. It intends to punish the criminals and compensate those that suffer due to the crimes that have been committed. Criminal lawyers help in navigating the criminal justice system. Consulting a criminal lawyer at the earliest can help families and the accused plan for what is to come and build a strong legal case to contest the charges. Criminal lawyers also assist the accused in bargaining for a lesser amount of sentencing or reduced punishments. 

Criminal laws are a part of the two kinds of crimes that the United States punishes. The other is civil wrongs, criminal wrongs are acts that are classified as offenses against society. They are also considered offenses against the State and the public at large. This is the reason why States prosecute those charged with criminal offenses rather than private individuals, as is done in civil cases. In criminal cases, the victim can be one individual or a group of people. It is treated with the same level of seriousness. The accused is legally known as the defendant. If they are found guilty by the State, they may face incarceration, fines, or even community sentence, based on the gravity of their crime. 

The criminal justice system provides certain rights, that are available equally and fairly to everyone facing trial. Criminal lawyers are consulted not only to ensure that they receive such rights but also in implementing them beyond just the trial phase. The criminal legal procedure starts with the assumption of “innocent until proven guilty” and this is an important concept in the criminal justice system. 

The process begins after 

1. Securing a search warrant and conducting a raid on the suspect’s place to secure and seize any suspicious items for evidence. 

2. Securing an arrest warrant to stop, arrest and detain. 

3. After conducting preliminary investigating while in lockup, booking and filing charges 

4. Following up on the investigation to round up any suspects or eyewitnesses to conduct an identification parade and to build upon the case. 

5. Allowing the suspect to appoint and consult a lawyer. If the suspect is unable to afford a private lawyer, the court will appoint a lawyer as is a right available to all defendants on trial. 

6. Negotiating with the attorney general for plea bargaining 

7. Presenting the evidence 

8. Conducting a trial in an appropriate court within the applicable jurisprudence. 

9. The judge and jury then decide on the guilt of the accused and pronounce their sentencing 

10. There is then an appeal which usually follows the sentencing based on the outcome of the previous trial. If the accused is unhappy with the outcome, then the lawyers usually recommend an appeal to a higher court to review the case. 

11. If the accused is found guilty, the lawyers keep interacting with the criminal justice system to discuss the probation and parole of those accused. 

The defense criminal lawyer usually has their hands full in preparing a case for their client which is in the client’s best interest. Experience and skill come extremely handy in such situations. While the defence criminal lawyer has the burden to look out for the accused, the prosecution has the burden to provide sufficient proof that the accused has committed the crime they are accusing them of committing. It is for this reason that the Constitution provides protections for the defendants so that they are not prosecuted wrongly. 

These are also called the Miranda Rights. These rights include

– The right to remain silent 

– The right to an attorney 

– The right against self-incrimination 

– And the right to not be subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures.

In North Dakota, criminal felonies set very high penalties and those found guilty can be sentenced to long and rigorous years in prison. To have a lawyer on your side looking out for your best interests, contact Ward K Johnson. Here, a team of highly skilled and licensed lawyers is equipped to represent your needs in the State and Federal Courts. Contact a criminal lawyer at the earliest to be best prepared to face the complexities of the American Criminal Justice System.