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Minot ND Employed but not protected? Here’s Everything you Need to Know!

Employment laws are laid down under Federal, State, and local employment laws. They dictate how employees are treated in the workplace, how they are hired and dismissed, and what are their Rights as labor in the United States of America. Employment lawyers Minot ND help in attaining these rights laid down under the law. They also help employers in keeping up to date with their employee codes so that they are well within the realm of legality and do not get sued over malpractices.

Federal employment law is covered under Title VII of the 

– Civil Rights Act

– The Equal Pay Act 

– The Fair Labor Standards Act 

– The Americans with Disabilities Act 

– The Age and Discrimination in Employment Act 

– The Immigration and Reform and Control Act 

– The Occupational Safety and Health Act 

– The Pregnancy Discrimination Act 

– The National Labor Relations Act 

Along with these Acts, States and other executive orders also apply to workplaces. Most states have laws similar to Federal Laws and in consonance. Courts are also important adjudicators in deciding non-statutory employment matters. This becomes common law and future disputes have to refer to similar disputes and what the Courts held in them.

Who is protected under the Employment laws?

Discrimination is an evil pervasive in many jobs. The laws aim to protect minorities based on their race, origin, sex and gender, disability, and pregnancy from being discriminated against in the workplace. Recently even discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation has been prohibited by the law. The different States have their variations of extending the grounds or reducing them. For example, some states also prohibit discrimination based on marital status. Different laws also treat different categories of employees differently. For example, employees with an employment contract differ from employees who are employed at will. The former is usually a part of a union and the agreement offered is a collective bargaining one. 

The Right to not be discriminated also stretches into the right to be protected from sexual harassment. While there are no strict laws that provide for the appropriate response or legally mandated response to sexual harassment, different States adopt various measures to deal with them. Contact employment lawyers Minot ND to understand your rights against sexual harassment in North Dakota and what you can do to make the workplace a safe place to work in. Many organizations also conduct anti-sexual harassment training which goes through the organization policy and also gives a 101 on gender and bodily autonomy to the employees and workers of the business. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an organization that has in the past issued guidelines on how to prevent harassment and what the rights and liabilities of employers are in cases of sexual harassment under their management. They have also instructed that the employees go through mandatory sexual harassment training. 

What are Union rights available under the Employment laws?

Employment laws also protect Union Laws. For example, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) recognizes the presence, importance, and contributions of labor Unions. They provide for an election via a secret ballot. It demands that an employer recognize and validate the union provided that the authorization cards have been signed by a majority of the employees in that organization. Under the NLRA, the Union is provided with the right to strike as a part of their collective bargaining efforts. As labor is seen as replaceable by the employer, there is strength in numbers. To increase the minimum wage, a safer work environment, and fair compensation, many workers in the past have unionized and striked to better increase their contractual value. 

Do I need an employment law firm Minot ND?

From deciding which court has the jurisdiction to entertain your dispute to putting together a winnable case, employment lawyers Minot ND have the skill and know-how to best represent your case to the appropriate authorities. At Ward K Johnson, a highly trained team is licensed and ready to help you sort your employment-related issues. Be it an employer or employee, knowing the law is always helpful. Consulting an employment law firm Minot ND will better increase your chances to avoid the time-consuming litigation process, which is also financially draining. Contact Ward K Johnson today, to know your step forward.