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Minot ND Get Your Minor in Possession Charge Expunged

People make mistakes. Everyone makes a youthful indiscretion at some point or the other. When you are convicted of a crime it is not only the penalties that you are sentenced to but a life with a conviction on your record. Our leading Minor in possession Lawyers Minot ND at Ward K Johnson know that this can take a toll on young lives, especially at later stages like when looking for employment. With the services we offer, we want to help you mount the best defense so that you can put your best foot forward in all stages of life.

Understanding a Minor in Possession Charge

A MIP or Minor in Possession charge is a criminal offense where a person under the age of 21 is found to be in possession of alcohol, drugs, or other illicit substances.

Minor in possession laws exist to protect younger people from adolescent vandalism, alcoholism, driving while intoxicated, disorderly conduct, etc. which often follow the misuse of substances. However, sometimes mistakes are made. A Minor in Possession Law Firm Minot ND like ours can help you make the legal amends necessary to fight your case.

What Does it Mean to be a Minor in “Possession”?

If you or your child has been charged with a minor in possession case, you might want to know what exactly constitutes possession. Our Minor in Possession Lawyers Minot ND can aid you in this.

  1. Actual Possession- This means that you or your minor has been found with illicit substances on your selves. For example, if you are caught at a party holding a glass or bottle of vodka in your hand. It doesn’t matter if the container is sealed or not. If you are found holding it, you are in possession of it.
  1. Internal Possession- This type of possession applies when you have consumed an alcoholic beverage. This can be established through a field sobriety test and/or blood alcohol concentration levels. Police testimony, if they have seen you consume the substance, can also contribute to this charge.
  1. Constructive Possession- This applies when a minor is found with access to alcohol in a setting where it is indicated that they have an intent to consume the substance. For example, if you are an underage person and have been found driving a car with a box of alcohol on the seat next to you. Here, it can be argued that there is an intent to drink alcohol. However, our Minor in possession Law Firm Minot ND can help you argue this intent as it is circumstantial.

The Consequences of Having a Minor in Possession Charge

Being convicted of such a charge leads to a variety of consequences, with a mark on your criminal record topping the list. You could have your driver’s license revoked, pay fines, enrolment in alcohol education programs, community service, and possible incarceration.

Our Minor in Possession Lawyers Minot ND can try to bring down the consequences you face. However, the validity of the defense will be subject to the state and local laws in your region. You should reach out to our lawyers at the earliest so that there is ample time to build the defense for your case.

Getting Your Minor in Possession Charge Expunged

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to get possession charges removed or sealed from a minor’s record, especially if this is your first offense, you have not been convicted of a violent crime, and you have served your sentence. 

Our Minor in Possession Law Firm Minot ND can help seal your record. This protects you later in life, especially when you seek out employment or apply to universities. You will have to go through a legal procedure called expungement. But, doing this might be the best decision you can make. After all, you deserve the chance to make amends without your past coming back to haunt you.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal advice.