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Minot ND How a Petty Theft Lawyer Can Steal a Win on Your Case?

Are you being charged with petty theft? This charge is levied on someone who has taken the property of someone else, without their permission. Petty theft or misdemeanor theft is committed when a property of a value less than a specified amount (usually around 500 USD) is taken. 

Petty theft is regarded as a misdemeanor. It is one of the smallest crimes that you could commit. The punishment rarely involves prison or jail time, and the sentence is usually served with community service and/or probation. Due to this, many wonder if hiring Petty Theft Lawyers Minot ND is even worth it. But, you should absolutely hire an attorney to aid your defense!

Most petty thefts are cases of retail theft or shoplifting, and most people charged with petty thefts are first-time offenders. As a first-time offender, you will find benefit in hiring Ward K Johnson, a Petty Theft Law Firm Minot ND to represent your case! Our expert lawyers provide all the services you will need to defend your case.

Here are some ways our lawyers can be an asset to you while fighting your case:

  1. The Ramifications of a Conviction- The effect a conviction of petty theft can have on your life can be immense. A petty theft goes on your criminal record. This can cause problems when you are looking for employment or when applying for loans. It can even prevent you from certain global travel considerations or volunteering at schools and sports programs if you have children enrolled in them.
  1. Courtly Considerations- Having an experienced Petty Theft Law Firm Minot ND on your side can help you deal with matters in court. Your attorney can represent you in a court of law, so you may not have to make as many appearances in court. They will even carry out any legwork that may be required. From dealing with the stress and anxiety of being present in front of a judge to saving on parking expenses and time- an attorney can help you by representing, protecting, and informing you about the progress of your case.
  1. Law-full of Knowledge- Petty Theft Lawyers Minot ND are full of knowledge in all things relating to petty theft law. They will know all the state laws and be well aware of the innuendos that will get involved with your case. They can help you navigate the intricacies of your charges effectively. Arming yourself with such a knowledgeable resource will give you the best chance of stealing a win on your case.
  1. You Have the Right to Remain Silent- The most thing to remember is your right to remain silent! Many times you may be asked to sign an admission of guilt statement by a store owner. You mustn’t sign anything until your lawyer is called. This will make the job of Petty Theft Lawyers Minot ND much easier. 
  1. Getting Your Case Dismissed- The best outcome if you are facing a petty theft charge, is to get the charge dismissed. If your lawyer is experienced and good at their job, they will be able to get your case dismissed after only a quick meeting with the prosecutor. Your lawyer may even try to enroll you in a correctional program for people who struggle with shoplifting or kleptomaniacal tendencies. Don’t fight your lawyer on this! It is a smart step to take to avoid being penalized by the prosecution too greatly, and might even get your case dismissed if the judge sees this as a display of remorse and rehabilitation.

If you are facing charges for petty theft, contact Ward K Johnson’s Petty Theft Law Firm Minot ND at Ward K Johnson at the earliest possible moment! 

This article is intended to be for informational purposes only, it is not a substitute for legal advice.