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Minot ND I’m Facing Robbery Charges and Now I Need a Lawyer!

Committing a robbery is a serious crime and is wrong. If you have been accused of a robbery, you will need a lawyer who will fight vigorously for your defense. You will need to find a Robbery Law Firm Minot ND that is worth their salt and can guide you effectively through the case. 

Here are a few steps you can follow to help you understand your case better and find the best legal representation for you:

Step 1: Have you committed a robbery, theft, or burglary?

In common parlance, the words ‘robbery’, ‘theft’, and ‘burglary’ are used synonymously. All three describe the act of taking something that is not yours, but each has subtle differences. Theft is a purposeful attempt to obtain someone else’s property permanently. The consequences of a theft charge depend on the value of the property taken. Shoplifting, fraud, and corporate embezzlement are some examples of theft. A burglary is a theft that has occurred from a home. Here, a thief breaks into a home when there is no one at the house to take someone else’s property. Robberies are the purposeful attempt to obtain someone else’s property in their presence using tactics such as fear and force. Bank robberies, convenience store hold-ups, and burglaries that are attempted in the presence of someone at the home are different examples of robberies. The main thing that sets robberies apart from thefts and burglaries is that it occurs in someone’s presence.

Step 2: Defining your robbery case

This is a tricky step as there are many types of robberies that you could be charged with. Armed robbery is a robbery committed with the use of a weapon, which could be anything from a baton to a butter knife. Aggravated robbery is a robbery committed with a deadly weapon, like a gun or dagger, which could kill someone. Highway robberies or muggings are those that happen in public areas like seedy alleyways or dark parks at night. The charges your case will face will depend on the kind of robbery you have committed. You might want to seek help from Robbery Lawyers Minot ND to define your case properly.

Step 3: Figuring out the charges you are facing

There are numerous kinds of charges you could face in your robbery case, depending on the severity. You could be facing criminal allegations, imprisonment, mandatory counseling, fines, etc. Aggravated robbery is considered as just below homicide and faces the most severe of charges. The possession of firearms alone, even if not used, can result in additional charges being filed. Robberies also go on your permanent record and can damage your chances at future employment, so consulting Robbery Lawyers Minot ND will be helpful.

Step 4: Get legal help

Whether your case is minor or not, you can only benefit from getting appropriate legal counsel. A good Robbery Law Firm Minot ND will help you understand your case and build a good defense against the charges. It is crucial to get legal help as soon as you are accused so that your counsel has time to review evidence, interview witnesses, and file the required procedures.

Step 5: Building your defense

The primary thing to remember is to exercise your right to remain silent. This allows your lawyers to present your case effectively, and keep the focus on the facts rather than your emotions. You might be facing charges because you made a mistake and made the wrong decisions, or you might be wrongfully accused as well. Your attorney will be able to look into inconsistencies in arguments and argue for a lesser sentence for you as well. Using a reputed Law Firm Minot ND and cooperating with them will be an asset to you.

This article is not intended as legal advice but is for information purposes only. To avail of the services of reputed Robbery Lawyers Minot ND reach out to Ward K Johnson.