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North Dakota What Defenses Can We Use Against Your Kidnapping Charges?

Kidnapping is the taking or unlawful confinement of a person against their will, including the transportation of them from one place to another. If you are facing a kidnapping charge, you should be aware that there are severe penalties if you are convicted of this crime, including a mark on your permanent record which will affect your future opportunities. This means that you will need a good defense team on your side, to make sure you have the best possible case.

Why should you choose Ward K Johnson Law to defend you against your kidnapping charge?

Our Kidnapping Law Firm North Dakota has expert attorneys who know what arguments to mount to make sure your defense is successful.

Kidnapping charges are an ordeal to face. When you are facing a kidnapping charge, it is important that you make the right arguments at the right time. Doing so will greatly benefit your case, especially with the assistance of the right lawyers. You can be assured that our lawyers will bring their expertise in coming up with defenses for your case.

Some defenses we can use to fight your kidnapping charges

Here are some possible defenses our Kidnapping Lawyers North Dakota could use to defend you:

  1. It Was an Honest Mistake! – This particular defense works the best in cases involving custody agreements between two parents. If you are a divorced parent who has misunderstood the way your custody agreement works, this defense will be applicable to you. Our Kidnapping Law Firm North Dakota can also use this defense if you have made the mistake of driving away in a vehicle without knowing that somebody else is riding in it. If your allegations of kidnapping have been caused by a mistake on your part, then this defense can be made for your case.
  1. You Were Forced to Commit the Crime – This defense can be an effective way of getting you acquitted from your case. If we can find the evidence to prove that you were forced into kidnapping the person, then we can make this case for your defense. Evidence that will help our Kidnapping Lawyers North Dakota includes tape-recorded phone calls of the threat or force used against you, testimony from a credible witness, and medical documents that can prove injuries you sustained when the person was forcing you to commit the crime.
  2. The Person Provided Consent that You Could Move Them – This applies when the kidnapping charge involves moving the person to a different location. However, you might have moved the person with their consent, and not against their will. If a person is accusing you of kidnapping them in such a manner, our Kidnapping Law Firm North Dakota can put their story to trial by cross-questioning them and finding proof to support our defense. However, this defense is typically a difficult one to prove.
  1. The Authorities Did Not Follow Proper Procedure When Gathering Their Evidence – In kidnapping cases, the onus is on the prosecution to prove that you are guilty. This means that they will use the evidence collected by the authorities during the investigation. However, there is a proper procedure laid out for this in law, like when the police must search your house or car. Warrants approved by a judge must be obtained. If this process is not followed, then our Kidnapping Lawyers North Dakota can have your case dismissed, on the grounds that your rights were violated and the evidence collected, therefore, is inadmissible in court.

If you are facing a kidnapping charge, reach out to us at Ward K Johnson right away! We will help you solidify your defense by finding eyewitnesses and evidence that will support your case. With us, you can make sure that you are putting up the right defenses!

This article is intended as information only and is not to be substituted for legal advice.