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North Dakota What NOT to Do When Accused of Murder

Murder is probably the most serious crime you could be accused of. It is very likely that if you are accused of murder, the prosecution has witnesses or evidence that places you at the scene of the crime. It can be a difficult ordeal to fight a murder charge. 

However, Ward K Johnson, our expert Murder Law Firm North Dakota has a few bits of professional tips for you to follow in case you are being charged with murder. Our lawyers provide services with the experience and skill required to help you defend your case.

1. Do Not Waste Time. Call Us Immediately!

It is very important that you do not dilly-dally, and call us as soon as the authorities accuse you of murder. Having one of our experienced Murder Lawyers North Dakota by your side can make all the difference to your case. We will navigate you through the process, and provide you with the proper legal advice that you will need for a successful defense.

2. Do NOT Speak to Officers Without One of Our Lawyers Present

If you’ve watched a cop show on television you’ll be familiar with the phrase- “You have the right to remain silent; anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Any action you make is taken into account as evidence in your murder case. The police and prosecution will try to sway you by offering plea bargains, but it is important that you do not say anything without one of our Murder Lawyers North Dakota present. In fact, you should avoid trying to plea your way out of a conviction until you have spoken to our lawyer, as this could be used against you if the case does go to trial. We will help you figure out what information is necessary and relevant to give to the authorities, and what is helpful to your case.

3. Do NOT Give Up Your Alibi

You may think that you have a solid alibi for the murder that you are being accused of. You may think that alerting the police to this can only help your case. But that is not always so. Sometimes, the prosecution may try their best to break the alibi you have and suppress the evidence that defends you. You should keep this information between yourself and our Murder Law Firm North Dakota alone. As the lawyers defending your case, we will tell you when it is the appropriate time to reveal your alibi. Only showing your alibi when it will best benefit you is paramount to winning your case.

4. Do NOT Speak to the Press

Murders are high-profile cases, and usually attract a lot of attention from the media and press. You, as someone who is accused of murder, will be asked to comment at numerous points in time. Our Murder Law Firm North Dakota advises you to not talk to the media. Often this hurts your case, as the media will portray you in certain ways that will sway public opinion. This is dangerous, as it could affect the jury as well. This also extends to social media, which has become a major source of news and can very easily spread your words globally. Staying silent is the best way to ensure that external views don’t become obstacles to your defense.

Ward K Johnson is home to a host of qualified Murder Lawyers North Dakota who will handle your case professionally. Being accused of murder can be a life-changing event, and defending your case can be a stressful task. Our lawyers will hold your hand through the entire process. We will help you make sure that we make the right decisions at the right time.

This article is for information only and is not intended as a substitute for legal advice.