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North Dakota The Penalties of Petty Theft

At Ward K Johnson, a Petty Theft Law Firm North Dakota we have lawyers who specialize in and have expertise in fighting cases of petty theft.

Petty Theft is a crime where a person’s property is taken without their permission or knowledge. In a petty theft, the value of the property taken is less than a particular amount specified by the law. Shoplifting and retail thefts are some examples of petty theft.

Why You Need a Ward K Johnson Lawyers When Charged with Petty Theft

Don’t let the name fool you, this crime is not considered to be petty at all. It is in fact, a serious crime with severe consequences.

You might (from its name) consider petty theft to be only a small crime, which you do not need lawyers to fight. However, without a lawyer, the chances of you being convicted for the charges are quite high. With Petty Theft Lawyers North Dakota from Ward K Johnson at your side, you will have the greatest chance of beating your petty theft charge, and therefore, avoiding the potential penalties that you may face.

The Penalties of Petty Theft

The penalties you might face for petty theft will depend on the severity of the crime as well as your prior conviction record if you have any. 

From Jail Time to Restitution

Based on your situation, a judge may order one or more of the following as a sentence for your conviction: jail time or prison time (based on the severity of the case), hefty fines, probationary periods, time spent in community service, proving restitution, and enrolment in diversion programs. As it is only regarded as a misdemeanor, most petty theft convictions carry only a one-year period of jail time at their maximum. This, however, also greatly depends on the laws prevailing in your state. Our Petty Theft Law Firm North Dakota can also appeal to a judge to consider alternatives to jail, especially in the case where it is a small offense or your first offense. This could be in the form of a probation period or community service. 

From First-Time Offenders to Your Third Strike

First-time offenders usually face the least severe of consequences. It is considered a misdemeanor for those who have never been charged with the crime before. Our Petty Theft Lawyers North Dakota might even be able to get you off with minimal sentencing. We can argue to have any jail time be replaced with enrolment in a diversion program. These programs include counseling, treatment, and behavior modification. Once your time in the program is done, the court will reassess your case and if they find the program successful for you, your charges may even be dismissed. If this is the case, we might even be able to get your records expunged or sealed, so that your charges do not adversely affect your opportunities in the future.

Our Petty Theft Law Firm North Dakota has found that things tend to get tougher for repeat offenders. In some states, there is a ‘three strikes rule, where if you are convicted of petty theft for the third time, you are sentenced to a mandatory prison time, which can extend from 25 years to life.

Our Petty Theft Lawyers North Dakota at Ward K Johnson are committed to making sure you have a strong defense while fighting your petty theft charges. Being convicted of such a charge can have a domino effect in your life, leading to blots on your permanent record, and the subsequent loss of jobs and opportunities. It is important that we build an iron-clad defense, and amass all the evidence necessary to get you acquitted of your petty theft charges.

Connect with our petty theft lawyers North Dakota for the best representation if you are facing petty theft charges!

This article is for informational purposes only and is not to be substituted for legal advice.