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North Dakota What Are the Penalties for Rape?

If you are trying to defend yourself against a rape charge, then you reach us at Ward K Johnson Law Firm. We are a Rape Law Firm North Dakota that covers a range of services that can aid you in your defense. 

Rape is defined as sexual intercourse which is forced upon another person without their will or consent. It is one specific act under the umbrella of sexual assault, with each sexual act having its own legal definition.

The act of rape is criminalized throughout the United States of America. It is a weighty affair to be charged with rape. Charges of rape differ across the country from state to state, however, each gives out serious penalties to people who have been convicted of a charge of rape. 

There is a list of penalties (with variations based on the severity of a case) that our Rape Lawyers North Dakota can make you aware of. Here are a few to get us started:


Rape and sexual assault are considered to be felony offenses. In many states, you will find a further classification of rape as rape in the first degree and second degree. This depends on the vulnerability status of the person who claims to have been raped, the type of force used if any, and whether it was committed using serious bodily harm or a weapon such as a gun or a knife. Each of these aspects is taken into consideration when judging an imprisonment sentence. 

Sentences can range anywhere from a year to life, depending on the severity of the case and the state’s statutes for rape and sexual violence. In some states, there is a minimum sentencing requirement for such cases. In other states, the judge may hold some discretion on the matter. Our Rape Law Firm North Dakota can prevail upon the judge to reduce the length of your time or to allow you to serve a part of your sentence on probation, depending on the circumstances of your case and conviction.


Often, the penalty for those convicted of rape includes undergoing treatment to realize the weight of a crime such as rape and to rehabilitate into society. These treatments include counseling and medication. They are usually offered at prisons and jails themselves, or judges will refer those convicted to state-approved psychologists and social workers. This penalty is usually given for rehabilitation and reformation.

Sexual Offender Registration

There is a registry and notification program for sexual offenders in every state of the United States of America. This penalty requires any person who is convicted of rape or sexual assault to be registered with the state with their name, address, and information about the crime they have been convicted of. Our Rape Lawyers North Dakota have found that being placed on this registry has serious life-long consequences. It becomes difficult for those convicted to find housing or jobs.

Why Do You Need Our Lawyers to Defend You Against Rape Charges?

Once you are registered as a sex offender, there is no going back because of its onerous connotation in the public eye. Our Rape Lawyers North Dakota are experienced, criminal defense attorneys. We will conduct a thorough investigation of your case, help you assert your defenses, and guide you through the processes of criminal court. We can also help you plead lesser offenses that do not require you to enter your name in the registry. With our professional assistance, you can mount a solid case for your defense. Having our Rape Law Firm North Dakota on your side can only benefit your case!

Get Help

If you’re a survivor of sexual assault, several resources can help you! The following pages contain chat and hotlines that can answer your questions and connect you to local resources:



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