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North Dakota 4 Defenses We Can Use to Fight Your Robbery Charge

Robbery is a crime where a person takes or attempts to take any property of value from another person by force, threat, or placing the person in a position of fear. Robbery is a serious crime to be accused of.

But fear not! Ward K Johnson is a Robbery Law Firm North Dakota with lawyers well-versed if defending our clients against robbery charges. There are several arguments we can make to defend you against the charges you have received.

Here are some types of defenses we can use to fight your robbery charge:

1. Innocent Until Proven Guilty

You’re innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. The burden of providing proof of guilt lies with the authorities. Not only do they have to prove that you are guilty of committing the robbery, but they also have to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. This evidence that will be presented by the prosecution can be questioned and undermined. Our Robbery Lawyers North Dakota can help you by challenging witness testimonies and evidence provided, and offering alibies at the right moment during your defense. With our questioning, we can attempt to convince the jury that you are innocent of the crime.

2. Intoxication Interferes with Intent

Intoxication is considered a defense as it often impairs a person’s judgment. The implication is that the intent to commit the crime may have been fuelled by impaired judgment rather than your specific intent. There are two ways in which intoxication can be used as a defense. Voluntary intoxication is when you have consumed intoxicating substances voluntarily before or during the crime. Many states don’t consider this a valid defense, however, it may be used to reduce the charges you are facing. Involuntary intoxication is when a person has been forced to consume intoxicating substances against their will. Our task as a defense Robbery Law Firm North Dakota is to help you prove that you were intoxicated against your will or knowledge for this defense to hold.

3. Ensnared in Entrapment

If someone has pushed you into committing a crime you would not have otherwise committed, then you may have an entrapment defense. To successfully orchestrate this type of defense, our Robbery Lawyers North Dakota have to prove that the person who has instigated the robbery has done so in order to trap you with the charges. We will have to show the court that you had no intention to commit the crime, but were simply caught in somebody else’s trap. This can be difficult to prove, but doing so successfully can even get your robbery charges dismissed.

4. Defense During Duress

If you have been forced to commit the robbery under duress, say in the face of your life and liberty being threatened, then our Robbery Law Firm North Dakota can argue a defense of duress for your case. To do this we can prove that you were threatened with bodily injury or immediate death, for example, someone holding a knife to your throat. However, this is a difficult stance to take as it requires proof of sufficient fear of harm and no opportunity of not committing the crime. 

Robbery is a serious charge to face, with several penalties including jail time and heavy fines. If you are facing a robbery charge, you want to put up the best defense you can possibly build.

Ward K Johnson is a firm with top-notch Robbery Lawyers North Dakota who are guaranteed to mount your defense capably. We will fight by your side to make sure we have the strongest case for your defense. Reach out to us today for additional information on robbery charges, and to understand the specifics of your robbery case better.

This article is for information purposes alone and is not to be taken as legal advice.