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North Dakota Things to Remember While We Defend You Against a Charge of Treason

Treason is a potent crime you could be accused of committing. It is the only crime that is defined in the Constitution of the United States of America. Treason is the betrayal of one’s own government and country. A person who commits treason against their country is regarded as a ‘traitor’.

If you have been charged with treason, you will need Ward K Johnson, our Treason Law Firm North Dakota to defend you. Defending yourself against a charge of treason can be difficult. But, our lawyers will put their best foot forward in making your case to ensure that you are not convicted of treason.

Who Can Be ‘Traitors’ Guilty of Committing Treason?

There are a few rules our Treason Lawyers North Dakota have observed about who can be regarded as a traitor. Laws of treason apply to citizens of the United States of America or any person who owes allegiance to the country. If you are a foreigner who is domiciled in the United States, you owe a temporary allegiance to the country, and therefore can be convicted of treason. Treason law also applies to American citizens who hold dual citizenship. Any foreign national who doesn’t owe allegiance to the United States cannot be charged with treason. 

Things to Remember While We Defend You Against a Charge of Treason

There are three main areas that our Treason Law Firm North Dakota will look at while defending you against your charge of treason:

  1. You must owe allegiance to the government. If you don’t owe allegiance to the country, then you cannot be charged with committing treason against that country. As mentioned in the previous section, there are certain rules as to who can be considered to be traitors. If you do not meet those criteria then our Treason Law Firm North Dakota can mount a successful defense against your charges.
  1. You must have betrayed the allegiance you owe to the country. To betray the allegiance you owe to your country, you may have either levied war against the country or provided aid or comfort to enemies of the country. Levying is the making of any forcible opposition to a public law being executed. It requires multiple people who use actual force to prevent the enforcement of some law. You could also be accused of providing comfort to enemies, which includes providing assistance or harboring the enemy concerned. This usually happens during the time of war and you can be convicted even if the attempt is not successful. Our Treason Lawyers North Dakota can throw suspicion on your charges, if you have only expressed sympathy towards an enemy, but have not taken any action that furthers their interests over your country.
  1. You must have committed an overt act of treason. It must be proved that you have committed an overt act to commit treason. This is an act that shows criminal intent but doesn’t have to be the actual crime itself. Overt treasonous acts include posting on social media and other platforms, providing ammunition and weapons to enemies, providing shelter to a soldier from a country that is an enemy to yours, etc. Our Treason Lawyers North Dakota will check whether the prosecution indeed has all the required evidence to file the charges against you. They need to have a confession or two witnesses who will testify that you committed the overt act of treason. If they do not have either of these, then you cannot be charged with treason.

Treason is the rarest of legal cases that are ever filed. They are grave charges. You must make sure that you have one of our lawyers to defend your side. We at Ward K Johnson know that you have rights to your life and liberty. You deserve the best fighting chance of having your treason charge dismissed, otherwise you might be facing significant consequences.

This article is intended for information purposes only and is not to be substituted for legal advice.