Criminal Law

Criminal Law

One of the core rights you have as an individual living in the United States Of America is the Right to an Attorney. This right enables you to contact your lawyer in case of any arrests made in criminal cases. Criminal defense lawyers Grand Forks, ND represent clients who are targets of criminal investigations, are the subjects or witnesses to any law enforcement inquiry, or have been arrested in relation to any criminal wrongdoing. A criminal defense attorney will be able to guide you through the process and defend you whenever necessary to be able to get you the best treatment possible. If the allegation is of a grave nature, you will need a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to mitigate any life-altering implications.

What happens in criminal cases?

If you are facing any criminal charges in the City of Grand Forks, ND, you can be liable to lose your livelihood, travel freedoms and may even face eviction. In such scenarios, having a seasoned criminal defense lawyer by your side will prove to be helpful. Matters in Court can move very fast if you do not understand the procedure or the consequences of what is happening around you. Any minute problem during the initial stages can cause permanent damage to your case, leading to a criminal record or additional penalties that can prove to be detrimental to your life. 

In the State of Grand Forks, ND, once an arrest is made, you can make bail if the law allows for it. After you are let out, you will receive a date on which your arraignment will take place. In such a hearing, you will be explained as to what you are being charged with and whether you would like to plead guilty or not. At this stage especially, having a criminal defense attorney is advisable. They will explain to you the possibilities of your case and what your best option would be in such a scenario. 

During the arraignment, anything that you say or do not say can have repercussions on your case. Having your own Grand Forks based criminal defense lawyer to speak with will inform you of all your charges and better prepare you for what is to come. Before you set foot in the courtroom, you will have an understanding of your case, what are the questions you can expect, and how you must behave. Apart from this, you will also gain an insight into the kind of punishments you might face if the court finds you guilty of the offense you are being charged with. Having a lawyer to weigh in the pros and cons of the charge along with the range of punishments will better help you prepare for the trial. 

What will the criminal defense lawyer Grand Forks, ND do?

The entire criminal law process can be a lengthy and emotionally draining process. Having a criminal defense lawyer can help you not only navigate through the bureaucratic procedure and in simplification of trial but also personal comfort. A criminal defense lawyer in Grand Forks, ND will have a lot of experience in dealing with criminal cases and will know their way around the criminal justice system. The lawyer will take care of everything at each step of the way making it a much less grueling process for you. 

Your criminal defense lawyers Grand Forks, ND exists solely for protecting your interests and ensuring that the charges and the punishment you face are adequate, fair, and just. They will defend you in case you are being wrongfully charged to disprove the prosecutor’s case. 

A legal case for a criminal investigation can go in many ways. A good Grand Forks, ND City criminal defense lawyer will ensure the best outcome. They will take care of whether you require a trial, a favorable disposition with the prosecution, or any other resolution in your legal matter that best suits your needs. The criminal defense lawyers will diligently pursue all legal angles that preface your interests and will do so with compassion and respect. To fight for your rights and life itself, a criminal defense lawyer will ensure that commitment is provided to you, your family, and any other witnesses. A criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference between a long carceral punishment and your case getting dismissed with little to no implications. A good Grand Forks, ND criminal defense lawyer will fight tooth and nail for your liberty, integrity, and dignity. At Ward K Johnson Law firm in Grand Forks, ND, we have a diligent team of lawyers, licensed and well trained in courtroom advocacy, to best represent all your needs in the State, federal, and Judicial Courts.