Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Things Unknown about US Immigration Law and How an Immigration Lawyer can Help You?

US immigration law is an unknown topic to many. You might have encountered a plethora of hidden facts when you initiate the US immigration-related discussion. With multiple nooks and crannies, anyone might feel bewildered when they will discuss the topic.

We all know that the United States is a country of immigrants, where many came from different parts of the world. Even today, many people come, especially from Latin America. Hence, US immigration law is a current event and favorite topic for American politics. That is why it is necessary to remain informed about various unknown facts of United States immigration. In this article, we will offer you those hidden facts.

Four Government agencies

In American immigration law, there exist four Government agencies. The purpose of their inclusion is different from the others. For example-

  • The DOS or Department of State holds the Bureau of Population and Consular Affairs, Refugees, and Migration.
  • The Department of Labor or DOL investigates universal labor policies. They secure the laborers’ wages and explain the Labor Condition Agreements to different organizations.
  • The DHS or Department of Homeland Security is the fundamental place to US citizenship and immigration facility. People have to submit a citizenship request to these agencies. Besides, it also handles customs and border security.
  • The Department of Justice or DOJ holds EOIR or Executive Office for Immigration Review. This agency evaluates and regulates immigration laws. When a person files for immigration, this organization reviews it thoroughly.

BIA's call is final

BIA or Board of Immigration Appeals is the most leading governing organization that reviews and applies the US immigration law. Sometimes this administrative body hears immigration-related verbal arguments at headquarters. A court will not decide who can get the immigration, but a paper review by BIA does. Only the federal court or Attorney General can overrule the BIA’s decisions. BIA handles cases regarding removal orders or requests to change the removal order.

The truth behind the LPR status

The LPR or Lawful Permanent Resident means any person who is not a resident of the United States but staying there legally and lawfully as an immigrant. In America, an LPR is sometimes called a Green Card Holder, Permanent Resident Alien, or Resident Alien Permit Holder. But there is a truth behind this, which is unknown to many. Each year nearly 50 % of LPR status people achieve US immigration based on an adjustment status. They can stay and work in the States with an H-1B visa.

How can an Immigration Lawyer help you in this process?

The United States is a place internationally known for jobs and habitat. Many people get into the country but face immigration-related issues. But why so? Well, there are several paper working processes that even US-born citizens struggle with. The immigrants do not have enough knowledge about the entire process. This lack of information becomes a wall to get into the States and live there lawfully. But with the assistance of an immigration lawyer in Grand Forks, ND, you can bypass those obstacles as the attorney will help you in many ways. Below we have discussed how you can get assistance from a reputable immigration solicitor to represent you throughout the entire procedure.

  • Provide the necessary knowledge about the required documentation

From filling out forms to submitting proper documents, a lawyer can save you from application-related mistakes right away. An attorney also ensures that all the necessary documents are in place, correct, and submitted on time.

  • They know the rules and regulations better.

A reputed immigration attorney is a specialist in all the rules and regulations. Sometimes your application might get rejected in the regulatory system. In that case, you can solve this issue by appointing a lawyer without any hindrance.

  • Trace your case

Once you have submitted all the papers to the concerned authority, a solicitor will track the entire process. If the agency demands additional clarification or information, the attorney will convey the same to you by providing proper guidance. Besides, if the petition is not in your favor, then the lawyer will inform you about the cancellation reason and appeal method.

  • Protect your rights

Your appointed attorney is knowledgeable about your case and will represent you in every process efficiently. The solicitor will also protect your rights and safeguard you against any exploitation.

  • A lawyer can assist you in getting a legal job.

As an immigrant, you might face difficulties in finding a legal job in the United States. But, with the help of an immigration lawyer in Grand Forks, ND City, you will get proper guidance in applying for jobs and seek employment.

  • You can live legally.

An immigration attorney can help and lead you in achieving a permanent residency in the United States. Besides, the lawyer can also protect your residency status or guide you with some methods to clear your path towards citizenship.


So, this is all about the unknown immigration law facts of the US. But the most necessary thing is the help of an immigration attorney. Your immigration appeal will get approved faster if you appoint a lawyer an expert in this field.