Military Law

Why you Need the Services of a Military Lawyer?

Military laws are a set of laws that apply to people who are members of the armed forces. These laws are different from those applicable to civilians. Military lawyers Grand Forks, ND are attorneys who specialize in military laws and help protect the rights of members of the armed forces.

Let’s get an idea of what military laws are all about:

The United States Military laws are found in the Uniform Code of Military Justice(UCMJ). Title 10 of the United States Code specifies military rules and procedures that are pertinent to military personnel.

The UCMJ specifies the definitions of crimes and penalties as well as procedural rights. In addition to the crimes defined by the civilian criminal laws, it covers crimes that arise in the military context.

Military laws cover a wide spectrum including acts of insubordination to thefts and more. In addition to these, during armed conflicts, several international laws of war are also applicable to military personnel.

Members of the armed forces are tried in a different type of court system known as “court-martial.” The Manual for Court Martial published by the UCMJ specifies the provisions for Court-martial.

While there are several tribunals published pertaining to court-martial, the most popular ones are:

  • General Courts-Martial:

    These violations are like acts categorized as felonies in the civil crime system.

  • Special Courts-Martial:

    Pertains to violations akin to a misdemeanor in the civilian law system.

  • Summary Courts-Martial:

    These are minor violations and may be solved informally.

However, the legal process followed in Court Martial must comport with the Constitutional laws as well as the UCMJ.

When an individual is charged with a crime, he has a right to hire an attorney. The military offers the services of a military lawyer from within the armed forces for free to defend the accused. However, the individual can engage the services of a military law firm Grand Forks, ND if they so desire. However, they will have to pay the lawyer on their own in such cases.

There are several military law firms in Grand Forks, ND that have lawyers who specialize in military laws. These attorneys understand the rules and terms of military laws and prepare a defense strategy accordingly.

What is the role of a Military Lawyer Grand Forks, ND?

Civilian military lawyers are attorneys who represent defendants within the military. These lawyers are paid a retainer fee. Military lawyers can offer their services to members of the Army, Navy, Air force, and Marines.

Court Martial is quite difficult for an individual to defend on his own. Besides facing military proceedings can have severe repercussions.

A conviction in a Court Martial can have impacts such as loss of job, future income, retirement benefits, and more.

Therefore, hiring an experienced military lawyer is a must in case charges are pressed against you in a military setup.

One likely question that can arise is that when the military offers the services of an attorney for free, then why should one pay and hire a military lawyer Grand Forks, ND?

A military trial is tough to negotiate because the government presses charges against an individual only after an extensive investigation. They usually have sufficient evidence to prove the guilt of the accused. Therefore, you need a military lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable. While the lawyers in a military setup may have in-depth knowledge on the subject, they usually can’t match the experience of a civilian-military lawyer. These lawyers have extensive experience because they have represented several clients in civilian cases

When should you hire a military law firm Grand Forks, ND?

  • In case you are accused of a crime.
  • If you are involved in tenant-landlord disputes.
  • In case you are trying to circumvent a Court Martial.
  • If you are accused of treason.

The services of a military lawyer Grand Forks, ND are not limited to just representing the accused, they offer several other services as well.

Take a look at what a military lawyer does:

  • Provides legal advice to members of the armed forces.
  • They help navigate the terms of legal discipline.
  • Help clients draft and file documents required by the court.
  • They also help in drafting military guides.
  • They prepare clients before trial.
  • Advise the senior military personnel in legal matters.
  • Services pertaining to Court Martial.

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